what is a bed and breakfast?

A special welcome in the warmth of home.



The English word “bed and breakfast”, which literally means “bed and breakfast”, is to indicate a kind of paid hospitality in private houses.


Such hospitality, originally born in Anglo-Saxon countries,  has spread throughout Europe and, above all, with the advent of the Holy Year of 2000, it literally exploded in Italy that now regulates it with a specific norm.


So the tourists have been accommodated  from small rural houses to large historic ones, from apartments in town buildings to rooms in mountain houses, not all of them with private bathroom but still characterized by hotter and more familiar welcome than the detached and anonymous relationship that reserves the hotel, although it is getting more and more professional over time.


The Bed and Breakfast stay is therefore privileged by those looking for, in addition to the economic savings, above all the possibility to come into contact with the culture, habits and customs of the place through the human relationship with the owner who sometimes can go transforming into a new friendship.